Bring out the trusty woven basket, pack up the sandwiches and don’t forget the ol’ gingham spread – we are going on a picnic party Moto Guo is throwing for his Spring Summer 2017 collection.

Our picnic is set in a fairly contradicting and unusual landscape – an environment where people are constantly moving in every direction – somehow here we are, savoring every second that comes to pass and donning colors that seem foreign to the surrounding and its inhabitants.

We unpack in the midst of the hustlin’ and bustlin’ crowd. Onlookers point, stare and whisper frantically to one another. Most look puzzled, who can blame them? Some with ill-intent, who can blame them? Perhaps they have never seen a propeller cap spin this fast before!

Do not mind of what they would say or think of us, we are merely enjoying the weather and having a nice time together. We need not be interested with their judgmental murmurings nor with their seemingly disapproving gaze. Just run along and play your hide-and-seek now.

In this collection, we see how teamwork is highlighted in a contemporary fashion label to resist the tide of which most seem to be riding on. This is especially essential for the team to achieve tranquility and peacefulness amidst all the noise from the industry.

No matter how much of a hurried mess the surrounding is, Moto knows how to get the trusty weaved basket and the ol’ gingham spread and move on at his own pace.