Moto Guo’s Fall 2016 collection relates the reality of a contemporary fashion designer to being a pencil pusher in a fantasy world. In this wonderful alternate universe, the Pencil Pusher takes main stage, imitating Moto’s affairs in real life and exaggerating everything along the way.

Despite having to enjoy certain aspects of his vocation, there are still tedious obligations left to fulfil for our darling Pencil Pusher and these little tasks come in the form of spreadsheets, meetings and such.

Outwardly, our Pencil Pusher looks like an ordinary cubicle creature; clad in his obligatory uniform. Inside, he is anything but, so he seeks ways to manipulate his outfits to express as well as satisfy his creativity and individualism. He amuses himself by reaching for office supplies and adding them on his outfits as though putting on little ornaments on himself.

Being confined half of the time dealing with paperwork, the Pencil Pusher spends equal amount of time doing outside interactions – another task of which agitates him to a certain level. Socially awkward by nature, he has little idiosyncrasies to suppress the anxiety. The restless jitters loosen the openings of his pockets, making an unshapely silhouette out of his otherwise tailored suits. With every interaction the Pencil Pusher has with people, the more manipulated they look to him. Eventually, he is talking to nothing more than a clown.

How would this story end? It is up to the author who happens to relate to our little chief character in every way imaginable. Moto illustrates the bigger picture with the small ones, embedding to each seam a thought behind it. It is not imprecise to say that in this case, art imitates life. We will only know the ending when the author pens it and perhaps in the coming days, our protagonist would be in a different mascot, telling of another tale.